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In larger offices, shared workplaces, warehouses and industrial spaces, we need to make sure visitors can find their way quickly and easily. Wayfinding signage is designed for exactly that purpose – keeping visitors relaxed while going to and from your business.

Well-designed wayfinding signage is meant to be minimal, as visual as possible and easy to understand. This ensures that everyone is able to understand it with little confusion, regardless of age or ability.

Types of Wayfinding Signage:

Information signs

Information signs are generally used as the first step in a new environment. They tell visitors where they are/what they will find, but are specific to one area of the property – meaning the information won’t display what they’re likely to find throughout the rest of the area or building.

Examples: standing signs advertising a seminar, plaques or descriptions for meeting rooms or offices, etc.

Identification signs

Identification signs are used to draw attention or point out a service and/or feature that is of use to the visitor.

Examples: public washroom, reception sign, etc.

Directional signs

Directional signs encompass the biggest variety of signs, compared to the other wayfinding sign options. Seen more frequently in large or complicated facilities, they allow a visitor to get a full view of the property and can be as specific or as vague as you want, often in the form of maps.

Examples: large digital directional signs, large wall maps, printed maps, elevator/floor description signs

Warning signs

The most common, warning signs are used solely for making visitors, and employees aware of hazards in the area.

Examples: wet floor signs, fire safety signs, falling ice etc.

Customized branded office signage can identify meeting rooms, shared spaces, and employee offices - while helping staff and visitors navigate the office, it can also contribute to your company’s overall image and reinforce your brand.

Improve the flow through your workspace with easy-to-use wayfinding signage.


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