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Internal Branding

a view or waiting area at IDENT


You don’t want your customers to stop at the door, so don’t let your branding stop there either. Office signage is a powerful display tool, so take advantage of reinforcing your brand not only outside, but inside your office as well.

External marketing creates a connection between your company and the customers, while Internal marketing fosters a strong company culture. By letting staff develop an emotional and personal connection with the business, it creates an organization that naturally helps its team deliver the brand promise. Internal marketing serves another purpose as well, transforming your employees into brand ambassadors, which means your brand’s story has a broader reach. Whether it be repeating your company name or logo in your front entrance, displaying your company's core values, or showcasing your favourite company projects, your office (or even retail space) provides multiple opportunities to reinforce your brand and brand messaging. Take a peek at two examples below, one in our IDENT open office space and the other on a meeting room window at About Staffing. Think of internal branding as a platform that allows your people to embody the core behaviours driving your brand/company. By bringing your company values front and center, employees are constantly reminded of what their company stands for and how to better work on those principles. We have graphics in our meeting rooms, customer service area and production bay, showing (most) of the behaviours that we embrace every day. View some examples below of some creative ways to display behaviours in your company. Whatever your business, whatever your space, interior signage will transform your space. Don’t leave any surface untouched, walls, windows, floors and even ceilings are fair game for displaying your company logo and message LOUD and clear. There are lots of options, from dimensional logos, to brushed aluminum signs and even wall murals - just like the one here at IDENT showing our companys’ 6 core values. Tile your logo to create a large mural display, like we did, or take it one step further and let it extend on to the ceiling. The options are pretty much endless!


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